Nourish the Mind, Body & Soul

Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Vitalist Nutritionalist, Chef & Yoga Teacher


Yoga is a journey that help us to ‘unite’ our breath, posture, mind (conscious & unconsciousness) to raise our vibration & reach a state of ultimate joy, happiness & peace within.

Yoga is the coming together of breath & movement. It is a form of meditation & a way of calming the mind. Yoga benefits our physical self as well as our mental & emotional self.


Nutrition is key to health, providing the body with minerals, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, enzymes, & proteins, as well as oxygen & bioelectrical charges which are essential to cellular health.

Bringing balance into ones life via diet & lifestyle is an important however conscious decision to obtain optimal health & healing. 


Iridology, has been used for over 100 years & regarded as a valuable tool used by alternative practitioners to diagnose medical conditions. A close-up photo is taken of the iris using a macro lens. This allows the iridologist to recording any fibre integrity, irregularities, pigmentation or markings in the individual. These relates to organ fields or body systems & their functions within the body.


As a qualified herbal master, I focus on

natures pharmacy to provide the medicine required to heal & maintain health.

Plants have formed the basis of medicine throughout history. Active ingredients are made using various parts of the plant, such as the flowers, leaves & roots.

Your choices count, why not choose to make a difference to your health.

Individually tailored diets, specifically related to your body.

Nutritional & lifestyle advice, can help you make a difference.