“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”….Hippocrates 

As a ‘vitalist nutritionalist’ I emphasise the importance of ‘whole’ living foods in the diet. Foods rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, as well as oxygen and bioelectrical charges which are essential to cellular health. Living foods are key to optimise health, nourish, balance and heal the body.

‘Living food’ essentially means uncooked.

Yikes……. I hear you say!! However it’s not that hard to incorporate live foods into your daily diet. A rich green leafy salad, with grated courgette, carrots, sprouted grains etc…. Easy!!

Cooking alters the molecular structure of food. High temperature destroys valuable nutrient potential. It diminishes the vitamins, minerals & enzymes required by the body to maintain health.

The benefits of live foods are endless with reports dating back to as early as 200bc. Throughout history ancient cultures have adopted a mostly plant-based diets, placing great valued on the powerful healing properties provided by the natural elements.

Food is an essential part of life. Some people eat to live, others live to eat. We are all different, we eat different foods, we live in different climates and our bodies demand various levels of energy. Food my react differently in each person and what is good for one, may not always be good for another.

‘You Are What You Eat’.

Natures garden provides us all with the medicine to fuel our individual needs.

The Chef in me

Being a professional chef for over 20+ years, my culinary skills, do not lie with raw, vegan food alone…. I have an extensive repertoire of international food to include all food sources and prepared using a various techniques. I source local produce using the finest organic ingredients and tailor menus to individual clients preference.