Hi to you all, this is actually my first ever blog. I thought I would start with something that is very prominent and essential is our everyday life currently. I decided to share a small recipe on how to make home made hand sanitiser. There was a time not long ago, when this simple product (hand sanitiser) was not available, so I took it upon myself to search out a recipe and make it myself.

There are many recipes on the internet that you can follow, however I adapted my version, which has worked pretty well for me.

However as experts have repeatedly expressed, washing our hands in warm water with a bar of soap is paramount in preventing Covid-19.

Fresh Aloe vera Hand sanitiser

I used 90% alcohol, purchased from the local pharmacy. However a base alcohol over 60% will also do the trick.

A word of warning, do not rely on home made sanitiser alone, we need to follow the guidelines, put out by the government. I would also avoid using on children. Use child friendly natural products.

RECIPE: Ratio 2:1 Alcohol to Aloe vera

90% or higher, but no less than 60% Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol

The flesh of fresh aloe vera ( if you can not find fresh, then purchase aloe vera gel can be substituted).

Essential oil 15 drops. I used lavender, it is anti-bacterial, however there are many oils that have the same properties, such as lemon Balme, tree tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, lemon. Anti-viral oils can also be added such as bergamot, juniper, thyme. Choose your favourite.

I blend all of the ingredient until smooth in a blender. Bottle & it is ready for use.

Its really as simple as that.