• Yoga is an ancient form of spiritual, mental & physical disciplines originating as far back as 10,000 years. It stems from holy Indian text called Vedas. The history of yoga incorporates many traditional styles such as:
  • Bhaki…. Love and devotion
  • Hatha….balance Sun and Moon
  • Jnan…Knowledge and wisdom
  • Karma…..action
  • Kundalini….Power and awakening
  • Mantra…. Sound and vibration
  • Raja….mind
  • Tantra…..Energy masculine and feminine
  • Vinyasa….flow

I trained in Hatha, Vinyasa & Restorative, I enjoy a meditative flow to build strength, but also maintain a balance of calm. 

Yoga is a personal journey, and we all start our journey in life by taking that first step.  For some it is a form of exercise, to maintain flexibility, strength, tone & physique. For others it’s a path to attain inner peace, meditation, or explore spirituality. 

The word Yoga has many different interpretations, I tend to resonate with ‘unite’. This ancient practice ‘unites’ the mind, body and spirit, via physical, emotional and mental vibrations. 

Yoga is a journey that help us to ‘unite’ our breath, posture, mind (conscious & unconsciousness) to raise our vibration and reach a state of ultimate joy, happiness and peace. As we start to deepen our  practice, we also deepen our understanding of the eight limbs of yoga.

The benefits of yoga include muscle strength, flexibility, tone, improves balance and performance. However mental clarity, breathing techniques and relaxation or calm are vital elements to support health and healing.